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Chapter 114 - Mirror Which Breaks Down The Boundaries (4)

Combine both barriers and skills to create a series of high-level traps.

It looked simple, but it was a technique that required three total combinations.

[Glacier Formation and 'Perennial Ice Jade' are activated!]

[The barrier 'Full Protection' is activated!]

[The barrier 'Frost Enhancement' is activated!]

A stream of ice emerged from the floor and swallowed all of the Rock Giant’s body.

Since Full Protection was used, the cold attribute would also be maximized.

Ice began to form along the hard rock surface,



“So disgusting!”

The ice prison couldn’t hold the Rock Giant for even 3 seconds.

This was because the Rock Giant’s physical and magic resistance was too high in addition to its undying attribute.

The ice began to crumble.


This time, the light at the tip of his dagger flickered.


A single straight beam of light struck the Rock Giant’s face.

[Daylight] and [Mandala] were collected to the limit and released…

Even with that, the Rock Giant’s balance didn’t break.

The attack only lightly scorched its surface.

“That is a pretty interesting combination, but that is all.

No attack can hurt me.”

It didn’t seem like it needed any effort to block his attack.

No, it instead showed off its unique ability that negated any need for a shield.

“It is tough.

That balance of yours is still maintained.

What about the movement This isn’t bad for a 10th-floor monster.”

“Your mouth seems alive.”

“I often hear that.”

Jin-hyuk shrugged his shoulders, and the Rock Giant smiled.

“It feels nice, very nice.

Keep doing that, and you’ll die.

I need to give you a taste of what it feels to be trampled, and I will be able to feel free and high for a moment.”

The stronger the opponent was, the more relaxed one would stay.

The pleasure of victory increased when a high-headed one was smashed to bits.

The Rock Giant understood this.


I am the same.

It is probably hard for us to get to know each other.

If you enjoy harassing other people, maybe we can help each other do it”

“I think so.

Let me finish it.”

The Rock Giant was ready to attack again.

This movement left it exposed with many flaws in its defense.

Of course, there was good reason for the Rock Giant to ignore defense and launch an attack to defeat its opponent.

It was confident that Jin-hyuk, at the moment, could not cause any damage to the Rock Giant with his current skills.

‘Actually, unless I used a relic which defies the absolute judgment skills or rules, the Rock Giant must be convinced that it would never lose.’

But that didn’t matter.

It wasn’t like you could only win by using absolute judgment skills.

‘I’ve fought giant monsters with a single spoon.’

The ability to win with just small things in hand.

That was the way veterans climbed the Tower.

Jin-hyuk smiled.

He already had a rough idea of what pattern to use for the rest of this encounter phase.

Shift the center of gravity forward by three degrees.

The hand holding the sword was located 35 centimeters above the handle.

Jin-hyuk smiled.

There was no way he didn’t know.

How could he not know

This was the ‘C-158’ pattern.

This was one of the patterns he had memorized to deal with this Rock Giant.

‘After a few attacks, all the relevant information would pour in.’

As he needed to organize thousands of patterns, he classified them into A, B, C, and D by major categories.

C was a specific attack pattern among them.

Simply put, it had the characteristic of actively removing intruders out of its domain.

‘The risk is high, but it is a pattern in which a relatively large number of gaps are revealed.’

Things were going well.

He could now get success in this within the 30-minute time limit.

Jin-hyuk retook his position.

At the same time, the Rock Giant was poised for a charge.


I will test how many times you can withstand my attack.”


“I know you are good and that the attacks are fine, but you can’t keep that mouth shut, can you”

It was strange how the Rock Giant needed to speak words every time it attacked.

It wasn’t like the Invincibility skill was applied by using its mouth or anything.

“No… don’t tell me that you developed the chuunibyou disease or something”


Such a good fight.’

‘As I thought, it was a blow worthy of the end for your body.’

‘Finally, I can rest’ and so on.

He already imagined things the Rock Giant would say and wanted to avoid those cheesy phrases.

“… cheeky bastard!”


The Rock Giant began to sprint.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Grass and soil were being churned by its steps, but Jin-hyuk allowed the opponent to approach him.

Shock Fear Embarrassment

Nope, none of those things.

Even if it was a boss that managed to strike fear into many players, for Jin-hyuk, he was simply a boss monster he had already defeated numerous times.

Considering the future ahead of him, this was just one of the many points he needed to pass.


The great sword split the air once more.

This time, an attack carried the force of Rock Giant’s massive frame.

‘I’ll have to stop avoiding him soon.’

According to the pattern, he would need to gradually accept and entice the opponent.

Of course, it would be unreasonable to try and handle this with just a dagger.

The weapon in Jin-hyuk’s hands changed.

This time, he wielded the Twin Dragon Swords.

[Unique Ability' Sword Grave' has been activated!]

One of the swords became dyed in black in an instant.

The memories of the Sword Demon flowed through his body.

And just like that.

The image he saw then changed.


Jin-hyuk moved his swords to flow with the great sword’s movement.



Movements that flowed naturally like water.

And he used that sword movement to apply the right amount of power.

Bang! Kwang!

A sword strike struck the Rock Giant’s body like an anomaly.

It was a close-distance counterblow.

Typically, it would be able to deliver a blow sharp enough to finish things in one attack.

Yet the result stayed the same.

There wasn’t a single scratch on the Rock Giant’s body.

What a disgusting unique ability it had!

“When I see something like this, it makes sense that people give up.

I understand.”

Who would even participate if you couldn’t inflict a single wound after fighting all day

They would inevitably fold to the game.

Jin-hyuk clicked his tongue and summoned an ability from the Library.


A golden piece of parchment spread itself around Jin-hyuk.

The skills he had recorded on them were revealed.

To maximize their effectiveness….

[Due to the level difference with the target, 'Rift' is activated to the maximum!]

Rift and Luck were stats that adapted to the situation.

Everything he had built up all this time exposed itself like an explosion.


A ray of light fell through the stars.

Jin-hyuk, who had activated the Blessings of the Stars, began to gather up his magic.

He was showing his will to not avoid this fight by sparing none of his strength.

At that ferocious look, the Rock Giant smiled.


Are you finally going to come at me head-on”


Is there anything I shouldn’t do”

Jin-hyuk raised his sword as if beckoning the giant to attack.


The Rock Giant would not avoid that kind of invitation.


The great sword soared high in the sky.

[Green jewel 'Curse of Overlap' is activated!]

The weight of the great sword was magnified.

Now it would be more appropriate to say that it was closer to a clump of iron.

This was the correct time.

… now!

Jin-hyuk brought out a new skill.

[Lv2' Giant Grasp' is activated!]

From his fingers to his shoulder.

The muscles began to expand rapidly.

As all of his stats and skills overlapped in this situation, the effective power he would be able to generate was more than an Lv 2 skill.


Both swords collided with a roar.

The shock was so intense that his feet dug into the ground.

Still, Jin-hyuk endured this.

Considering that the weight increase caused by the green jewel multiplied the sword’s weight by five times, this was absurd.

“This… cannot be.

Did you survive this”

The Rock Giant looked surprised.

It couldn’t imagine a human that could handle a sword attack that held all of its raw strength.

“No… isn’t this what is called power If the name of the 10th-floor boss was simply because of his unique ability, then it is disappointing.”

Such provocative remarks.

“What a **ed up human you are! How dare you act this arrogant!”

Enraged, the Rock Giant swung its sword.

The attacks now came like an onslaught.

Bang! Kwang! Bang!

Yet Jin-hyuk received all of them, no matter how strong or fast they were.

Since his body had memorized all of the patterns, all he needed to do was respond to them.


Very slowly.

Draw in the opponent.

‘Almost there.’

The point where the stars in the night sky intersected with the light that came from the Blessings of the Stars.

The place where the two lights came together would dictate success or failure.

And it was important.

Jin-hyuk frowned.

‘I have to aim for the moment when the two lights shine.’

At that moment.

The body of the Rock Giant began to shine.

The magic stone that served as its driving force became visible.

Caught it!

Jin-hyuk activated the runes at that exact moment.

[1-star barrier 'Window That Traps Light' is activated!]

A pure white rune spread around the Rock Giant.

It all happened nearly instantly.


The Rock Giant tried to escape, but it was futile.


The great sword, blocked by the barrier, bounced back.

The Window That Traps Light was a unique barrier that could block even starlight.

When activated at the right timing, it was a strong binding force.

No matter how strong a boss was, the boss could be taken down in one blow.

The gap was now created.

Jin-hyuk placed the Blood of Medusa through a hole in the barrier with his thumb.

Drops of blood spun around within and touched the Rock Giant.

At that moment.

[Absolute Judgment' Curse of Petrification' is activated!]

[Absolute Judgment 'Invincible Blessing' resists!]

The two absolute skills collided.

Medusa’s unique ability with its absolute condition that it must turn its target into stone.

And the Rock Giant’s unique ability with the absolute condition that it would never die.

Both skills contradicted each other.

As the two collided, a void was created.

An area where causality could not intervene.

It would be the responsibility of a third person to break the balance.

“There are other ways, but I like this one the most.”

How should he describe this

A heart that beats with pleasure at the confidence of seeing his enemy’s face distorted

Jin-hyuk smiled at the Rock Giant.

Now it was time for this moving stone to become a real stone.


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